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Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed
  Animal Behavior College
Certificate in Dog Training
Pet-Tech Certified
Pet First Aid & CPR Instructor

Lisa Monteith, Owner/Operator

Hi. My name is Lisa Monteith. I am the Owner, Trainer, and Groomer at K-9 Curriculum, Inc. I am a certified  pet trainer and certified pet groomer. I am trained in Pet First Aid and CPR. So, whether your dog is training with me or being groomed they will be in good hands.

I am a life-long animal lover and dog enthusiast. My motto is "The Best Things in Life Are Furry!" I was born in Asheville, North Carolina, and raised in Glenville, North Carolina. I learned my love for animals from my Mom and Dad. I have always dreamed of training and working with animals and thought its time to bring those dreams to life.

I enrolled in the Penn Foster Grooming Program and the Dog Obedience Training Program at Animal Behavior College and in February 2018, I attained my Certified Professional Dog Trainers Certificate. We offer all positive reinforcement and lure training.

When you think about all the dangers your dog could be exposed to in this world, it is hard to believe that the leading cause of dogs being surrendered to shelters and/or ultimately euthanized is behavior problems. Having a good relationship with your dog from the beginning, whether you get them as a puppy or adopt an older dog from a shelter is extremely important. K-9 Training Classes go along way to help you get this relationship off on the right paw.

Amy Russell

Amy Russell, Operations Manager
K-9 Curriculum, Too

Amy is lovingly referred to as our “not so silent, silent partner”. She supports, sustains and encourages everyone at K-9 Curriculum. Keeps us straight and on our toes.

Nancy Woods

Nancy Woods, Retail Specialist
K-9 Curriculum, Too

I’m am the retail specialist at K-9 Curriculum, Too. I am originally from New York State but fell in love with NC and moved her several years ago. I have 4 rescues at home. Fred is said to be an Aussiedoodle. He’s 14ish. Ethel is a hound mix and She’s 12ish. Merlin is a Domestic medium hair cat and is 3ish and Cali is a Domestic shorthair and is 2ish.

Eliya Sharp
Penn Foster Grooming Certificate
Chief Animal Snuggler

Eliya Sharp, Groomer

I Started as a grooming assistant 6 years ago and now grooming on my own. I have loved dogs from a very young age and I take great pride in working with them. I love trimming, clipping and shaving dogs to make them look and feel fresh while prioritizing safety and comfort. I have an 8 yo domestic short hair cat named Zelda and a 6 1/2 yo Shih Tzu named Wick.

Heidi Lucarelli
Pictured with Rory a recent rescue Anatolian Shepherd mix

Heidi Lucarelli, Groomer & Trainer

My pets are Jeter, a recently adopted 12 yr old beagle, and a tabby cat named Fiddlesworth (9 yrs..?). I have been working with pets professionally for over 10 years. I have been a groomer for about 8 years and graduated recently from dog training school in the summer of 2022, specializing in behavior modification and scent detection. I am also a student at HCC for wildlife management. I plan to use this degree to teach shelter dogs scent work for the conservation of endangered or threatened wildlife. I am passionate about rescuing dogs and giving them fulfilling, mentally stimulating lives.

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